Rabab Khan discovered the alluring world of words at an early age. Fascinated by how words can sometimes paint a wide spectrum of thoughts and emotions, she writes in a number of different genres.

She wears many hats having worked as teacher, coordinator, Social Media strategist, SE optimiser and many more.

After her masters in English from the Lahore College University, she stepped into the practical world as a teacher.  She worked as an English language teacher, spoken English and IELTS instructor and as the coordinator for ICT in educational strategies at her last school.

Then she realized, what she had known all along, that words are much better behaved than children so she decided to cast her lot with them instead.

Today, she works as a digital content creator; SEO and Social Media strategist, tech writer; self proclaimed journalist and newspaper editor.

She is a tech writer, editor and content manager for Webscopia; a blogger for FutureChallenges.org (an initiative by Bertelsmann Stiftung); sub-editor for the City pages at Dateline Islamabad (an Islamabad based daily newspaper); and Business Consultant for Alpine Technologies and IBFS inc.

You can check some of her written work at her website: RababKhan or follow her on TwitterFacebook, Pinterest or Google Plus


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