Someone thought it would be a good idea to write a post about how awesome it is to be a woman in Pakistan. I started reading it, highly expecting it to be sarcastic. It wasn’t.

So here’s my take.

1. People Always Compliment You.

They will always refer to you as

khoobsurat, sexy, kya kamar hai

and many other endering terms. They also go the exrta mile by offering to take you home – their home. 

“aa ja meri cycle te beyja”, “chalay gi kya?”, “behen to hai aap ki kami hai”. 

So polite. #POS

2. They will make way for you.

Teeming crowds of men will make way to let you pass through them safely. Or not.

Once you’re ahead of them, they can safely grab your butt without being spotted. So nice.


3. It’s always ‘Ladies first’

Men will always insist you go first when waiting in a queue. Once you’re safely up front, the conversations are priceless.

4. Public transport stops for you every time!


Image by: Pakistan Today:
Image by: Pakistan Today:

5. Help is always readily available

Unless you’re them:






6. Convenience for working ladies

You know your workplace is awesome when your boss sidles up to you and puts his hand on your shoulders. #JustCoz

7 & 8: Sales, Jewelery and Clothes


That’s supposed to make up for all the shit we put up with? #ShoveIt

9. So many options available to spend your time leisurely

While you would need a car, a dedicated driver or a loyal partner to make the daily trips for these awesome leisurely options available to ALL Pakistani women; I suppose you could make do with these otherwise.

10. Chivalry is definitely not uncommon <3

“holding the door open for you, making way for you and getting you flowers is something very ordinary to a woman in Pakistan. We aren’t spoilt, but we’re definitely pampered.”

#IDontEven #ShoveItAgain #SingleStoryPerspective