Ok, so I wasn’t concerned about the new twitter and changes to the background dimensions since Twitter was being discriminatory. That means, I didn’t have the new twitter! Hmmph!

All that changed when I woke up today and there on my twitter web page, a little birdy whispered, “Psst..” Aww! The cutest little thing. Anyway, now I have the new twitter and I realized, amongst other things, that the dimensions of the background have changed. Right when I was thinking about getting a custom background so that my profile looked cool (read: promote myself), twitter went ahead and changed all that. Sigh.
That is when I turned to my most important resource for deep and thorough research in times like these. Well, alright, yeah I googled it. Lo and behold! I could not find anything about backgrounds for the new twitter! All the available websites that offer free backgrounds have not updated yet. I couldn’t believe it!
This meant I could now take the world by storm by introducing my backgrounds! Yes! My plan for world domination was taking shape. Whatever. Not really. I just thought that I would experiment with the new twitter and figure out the dimensions since the old ones don’t work anymore.
Remember, I am not a designer or an expert on these things, just someone tinkering around because she got tired of writing article after article about acne remedies.
To cut it short, the new twitter dimensions that worked for me are Width: 1300 and Height: 710 pixels. I am still puzzled over the 710 pixel part because I expected it to be something like 700 or 750 but not a weird number like 710. I’m still experimenting though. I am sure I can most probably find out all this in some help guide etc by the new twitter but I’m enjoying the experimenting so, never mind.
Anyway, I shall now go on to find out the exact dimensions to make something fit into that wee bit of space on the left and right.
To be updated soon.