It would be an understatement to say I am confused today. I have been confused for the last many days. With everything that has been going on in Pakistan, at home and in my life, I sometimes don’t have time to arrange my thoughts. I realised how important it is to get both my facts and my head straight when I got into a discussion with an old friend about the situation in Pakistan and how we should be reacting to it.

He said:
Western media says:
“anyone growing up in such a country therefore sees the state doing nothing for it’s people, feels no loyalty to the state in return, and makes what money he can make for himself”

So basically we are a piece of sh*t. Selfish thugs.

I replied with:
These are generalizations. R u going to let “Western Media” tell you how and what to think?

Why should we allow those who are corrupt and selfish to define us as a nation? Why cant we define the nation? Why cant the positive, selfless and honest individuals come forward and give this country its definition? Why do you all just let THEM rule over you and tell you who you are?

It is the mindset of accepting everything that comes by passively saying things like what you and your friend are saying, it is this mindset that allows those handful of people to take over.

He retorted:
It’s too late for us as an individual to do anything. Anyone raised their voice were handed over to america taking million $ or target killed.

I surprised myself by advocating positivity! Really! I? I who am seldom positive about my life or anything that happens in my country, I advocated being optimistic? I don’t understand myself.

  • Am I negative because that’s the trend nowadays? 
  • Are we all pessimistic and negative about corruption, bribery, fake degrees, cricket scandals and all the other things that plague us because we are swayed by the likes of Fasi Zaka and all the others? (I do want to read that article again because I think somehow people have not understood what he really meant.) 
  • Why did I dislike it when my friend was being so negative about us as a nation? 
  • Did I even know what I was talking about? 
  • Does my confusion reflect the confusion of most of us or just a few? 

I want to say more, but my confusion is increasing…