Imagine My Surprise

Dreams have a strange way of transforming the realities of life. A dream will do anything to keep you, the dreamer, from associating it with how things really are. It may be for your own good.
The dream wishes you to live it for the short while that you slumber and are carried away from the world you inhabit. It wants you to enjoy it, to make the most of it and to forget about how things really are. Any efforts you make to remember reality will mostly be thwarted by the dream. It will cajole you, lure you and lead you deeper into itself so you may forget what it was you were trying to do. It is aware that its existence is dependant on luring you away from that one path that will lead to its demise. 

It veils that road with colorful and mesmerizing situations, weaves a cloak with enchanting people and places to keep you busy unraveling its secrets until dawn breaks through and your mind is still dazzled with what you experienced. Then, you realize that it was merely a dream. 
Dreams are clever beings. It is rare for a dream to allow the unveiling of the path. However, sometimes, the dream is beguiled with its own artfulness into a sense of false invincibility. It begins to introduce people and incidents that are too fantastical for it to give them the semblance of reality. At such times, a beloved person, who has been gone a long time, will appear in the daily routine of your life, doing usual things, talking to you, hugging you and smiling once again. This is the dream’s fatal mistake.
It does not realise that this particular spirit slashes a large gaping hole in its intricately woven cloak and the doorway to that hidden path becomes visible. The dream has already provided you with the key: doubt. It does not take long for your mind to unlock the way that will murder your dream. Doubt unlocks the door and questions lead the way as you commence down that untrodden road.
The dream becomes frantic as its life is at stake. It tries to befuddle your thoughts, confuse you with guiles and honeyed words, but it is no match for a mind that is unwilling to believe anymore. As you go further from its forest of lies and false hopes, the dream begins to weaken and fade.
The final blow is the clear and vivid realization that shreds the dream into nothingness: She is dead.