As the day draws nearer, I keep getting more and more invites to various groups to condemn 20th May. Will that achieve anything?

It all started in 2007 when Lars Vilks drew pictures of the Prophet. Everyone most probably remembers how that took the Muslim world by storm. Protests and torrents of abuse were rampant and each side quoted extensively from everywhere to prove they were right. The more recent South Park episode, sparked more.

This time, Molly Norris became famous, or notorious, by coming up with the grand idea of a Draw Muhammad Day. I don’t know what she hoped to achieve from this or whether she realized that it would spiral into something so big. With hate campaigns on every side, the Muslim world seems to be ready for another fight. Or are they?

There is a lot about this whole matter that I do not understand. What I do understand is that people like Molly Norris and the boobquake creator, are employing cheap underhand tactics to gain popularity. Today, everyone seems to love using words like human rights, racism, freedom of speech etc. Say the word and millions of people will jump in without even realizing what they are signing up for. Is that what the modern world is all about?

The email from so called Pakistani terrorist Faisal Shehzad is being put forward as proof of his guilt. I see it as  an insight into how people like terrorists are created. Hate campaigns like the Draw Muhammad Day fuel hatred, they upset people, they hurt them. 

While I do agree with condemning Draw Muhammad Day, reporting it and insisting Facebook remove it, I also believe that we should look within for the inspiration required to battle such attacks. When we abuse, slander and increase the hatred, we are not helping the cause. We are only adding insult to the injury. For instance, many Muslims have joined the fan page of the event Draw Muhammad Day and are thus adding to the page’s popularity. The best way to kill such an issue was to let it remain a non-issue. If no one noticed it, it would never have grown to such large proportions. Social media is all about the number of visitors you an get, about how many people join the website or page. Why did they join? They reply that they did so to answer the creators and people supporting that day. However, most of the people on that page are only using abusive language, warnings and outright threats. Is that how Islam was spread? Is that how you wish people to see Muslims? Will banning the page stop this from happening again? I think it will only create more pages of the same kind in the name of ” freedom of speech”. 

I believe there is a lot that the Muslim world needs to consider. Just reporting the page and making alternate pages in not going to help. Let no one misconstrue my words, I am not advocating violence or the use of any such methods. 

Add your voice to let Facebook know we are not happy about this.