I love flash! Although I learned how to use Flash more than a decade ago, I still can’t get over the excitement of creating unique animations. I didn’t have the means to enroll in formal courses so, I just learnt form the tutorials that were included with the software and from the official Flash website. I enjoyed playing around with making my own cartoons, little flash banners and ecards. Yeah, I made quite a few of those. Like this one I made around 8 years ago.

This was back when Flash was a Macromedia product and Adobe was still limited to Photoshop and other software. Today, Adobe Flash is used by millions of people all over the world.  Even though the world of 3D animations has gained more followers, the popularity of Flash websites increased because of the relatively simple interface and exciting options.

Flash websites are more sophisticated than they ever were. So, I decided I would put together some of the best ones that are my current favorites.
  • Jonathan Yuen: A multi-disciplinary graphic designer, Mr. Yuen has used the creativity of Flash to showcase his unique artistic talent. Do visit his website and you will be amazed.
  • Dont Click It: This is a Flash website based on a rather unique idea. The website uses the movement of your mouse to judge the navigational choices you make. Go to the site to understand what I’m talking about. I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you by going into an extensive description.
  • 2Advanced Studios: It is a web design company with a kick ass website. The layout, the navigation and the background image are all awesome! The graphics combined with the music make this site a treat.
  • Dave Verner: Dave Verner has harnessed the power of Flash to design an online portfolio. The website is easy to navigate, simple and artistically designed. Oh and you absolutely must check out the “About Contact” page.
  • Sheela Daley: A freelance writer and author, her website is meant to serve as a means to attract clients. However, the design is gorgeous and artistic.
  • Progressive Red: This is the portfolio of Stevan Kovac, a web, motion and 3D designer. The site is collection of his work and a way to contact him. My favorite part of this Flash website is the “About” page.
  • The Herbal Essences Bazar: An interactive website that not only advertises the product but also provides a game to add to the great experience.
  • Wrangler: The official website of Wrangler. Chic, stylish and really cool.
  • TBWA/ Hakuhoda: It is an official company website and it is amazing! The creativity of the designer is praise worthy.
  • Agency Net: A website design company that has made one hell of an awesome landing page to showcase its creativity.
  • Oleg: He is a freelance designer who has also used the Flash website to display his talent. The site is interesting because of the storyline and graphics.
  • The Relapse: This is a video game type website. It is a Flash website about the fictional rehabilitation center named “Popsomp Hills” that was used to promote rapper Eminem‘s album “Relapse.” Pretty awesome.
Popsomp Hills