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What makes people drool when they hear the word “iPad”? Is it the Apple brand? Is it the statement that owning every new device makes? Is it proof of our technological super powers? Is the iPad just a trend or actually a utility?
For the last ten years, there was much hype about Apple’s new baby. Rumors and speculations flooded every forum and website where gadget freaks met to discuss and ponder over this potentially ultra powerful device. After the release of the iPad, these discussions have become anything between outright dislike and slavish devotion. This 1.5-pound slab has become the topic for discussion everywhere.
The same thing happened when the iPhone came out. People queued up for hours and sometimes even days to get their hands on the iPhone just like they have for the iPad.
And the Blackberry, and the Netbook, and the Macbook.
So, what makes the iPad and other devices so attractive and alluring to the point of craziness? Why do people spend hours and hours on doing almost the same things on their iPad that they can do on their previously owned iPhone? Or any other device that they might already have.
I agree that many people might truly have use for gadgets like the iPad that offer a range of new possibilities. However, an equally large number of people have absolutely no idea what makes the iPad different from the iPod or the iPhone other than its size. Do these people use all the options that the iPad offers? Do they badly need the device to advance their careers? Is the iPad anything more than just a toy they can showoff to their friends and family? Does it make their life or work easier?
A friend I was talking to about the iPad said, “If I can afford it, then why not? That’s why I earn. For my pleasure.”
These and many other questions can be asked about this brand new fashion statement from Apple. I do realize now that the same holds true for all other devices that we, inhabitants of this corporate world, buy every day. The iPad is just another one in the long line of gadgets that we desire to own for whatever reasons.
I am not against the iPad or other devices, but I do question the desire to own one.