a poem for new year

A New Year?

Time doesn’t move any faster or slower, you see that don’t you? Change, change determines the pace of your life and mine. To the passing of years; the fading memories; I grow indifferent just like you, And you, and you. They flow on, The sands, They do, As Do I But will anything really be any different this year?

Just Another Statistic

“Twin bomb attacks on a paramilitary force academy in north-west Pakistan have killed 80 people” “A suicide bombing at Pakistan’s premier aeronautical manufacturing complex killed seven people.” “A powerful explosion apparently detonated by a suicide bomber in the eastern city of Lahore on Thursday killed at least 23 people” We, you and I, read the news, sigh over the pictures…and forget all about them. I…

author Arthur Conan doyle rare video footage interview

Rare 1930 Video Interview With Arthur Conan Doyle

People ask me, will I write any more Sherlock Holmes stories and I certainly don’t think it’s at all probable. But as I grow older, the psychic subject always grows in intensity and one becomes more earnest upon it, and I should think that my few remaining years will be probably devoted much more in that direction than in the direction of literature. My principal…