Medical History

Observing him for the first time since he brought her home, she noticed his bright eyes changed from green to grey and then, a mystifyingly maddening blue. She smiled as he handed her the swirling ochre drink. His room, illuminated by flickering candles positioned carefully around it, was furnished sparingly. “Lonely,” she mused; smiling into the alluring spectrum of his eyes as he shyly gazed…

Dreams and Realities

Your silhouette,strong against the darknessof my soul,Fills my heartwith a yearningso overwhelming thatI swoon. Your breathplays with rhythmsin a symphony ofwhispers in my earreviving,reinventing,rejuvenating,my innermost secrets. Oh, the ecstasyof first love!Oh, the fervourof that first touch! Those moments,hushed in their decline,are no more. Memories,agonisingly persistent,remain.