Father Part 4

He is really well-dressed and graceful,’ she thought as he knocked at the door. She was so engrossed in watching him that she didn’t realise it had been five minutes since he had been standing there. ‘Mother, Uncle Sikander still hasn’t opened the door,’ she shouted. Maybe a bit too loud because the young man turned around and looked straight at her. She whipped away…

Mortal Coil

Oh, to lie beneath the stars!Permit the echoes,Silence blows my way,Soothe and calmMy inner world.Unlike the hum,From treasured dreams,Of splinters embeddedIn my soul. Oh, to lie upon the clouds!Let the softness,Of non existence,Heal and mendMy worn spirit.Unlike the abrasiveSlash and cutOf taboos chafingAgainst my heart. Oh, to lie today!And be allowed to lieFor ever more.