Darling, you may drown meIf you wishWatch the bubblesEmerge to the rippling surfaceFrom obscure sapphire depthsSilent evermoreI shall smileAs you vaguely stare.Darling, you may bury meIf you wish.Let the last glittersOf earth in your fingers,Flow down to rest.Beneath the liberating moundsI shall breathe inThe fragrance of your touch.

Mortal Coil

Oh, to lie beneath the stars!Permit the echoes,Silence blows my way,Soothe and calmMy inner world.Unlike the hum,From treasured dreams,Of splinters embeddedIn my soul. Oh, to lie upon the clouds!Let the softness,Of non existence,Heal and mendMy worn spirit.Unlike the abrasiveSlash and cutOf taboos chafingAgainst my heart. Oh, to lie today!And be allowed to lieFor ever more.


She believed in angels, in starry nights and rainbow coloured dreams. She believed in smiles, in flying bears and bright pink fairies. She believed in love, in joyful giving and warm glowing togetherness. This little dove, In a dress stained crimson and cheeks lacking skin, What does she believe now, as she lies strewn over the battle field? Dedicated to the Ahmadis and the people…