poem colors

Editor’s Pick for Paper Cuts Vol 7

Winner of the Desi Writer’s Lounge Poetry Competition.

The poem was originally named “White” and was edited to suit the requirements of the poetry competition. The last stanza was also edited for the same reason.

White/ The Story of Six Colours

My opaline life reflects
All the colourful moments
On a dark canvas.

Remnants of cherry embraces
Encrusted on my carpet;
Flaming tangerine sighs floating through
The bedroom windows every night;
Fumbling emerald lips,
Dripping Eu-de-Nil melodies,
Embedded in the couch;
Cerise flushes linger
Where your soothing caresses flowed;
Your amaranthine glances
Still cling to my pillow,
Casting shades of indigo
On my tearless eyes.

You vanished,
From my story
Of six;
Vestiges of your colours