a poem for new year

A New Year?

Time doesn’t move any faster or slower, you see that don’t you? Change, change determines the pace of your life and mine. To the passing of years; the fading memories; I grow indifferent just like you, And you, and you. They flow on, The sands, They do, As Do I But will anything really be any different this year?

virtual outrage

We Are Outraged

The outrage! The outrage! “Oh how could they do this!” “This is beyond belief.” “I’m so mad all of you better stay away from me today.” “What is wrong with all of you?” We’re good at expressing outrage as we go about our daily lives. It helps us push back the depressing feeling of helplessness and ignore the nagging of our subconscious. Of course, we…

ipad apps for writing nanowrimo

iPad Apps For Writing Your Nanowrimo Novel

Nanowrimo is well underway and yes, I’m writing my Nano novel this year. Well, at least I’m trying to. I want to use my iPad this year and have been looking around for some apps that can be used. So here’s my list of some good iPad apps for writing your Nanowrimo novel. If you have any suggestions, add them to the list or leave…