I have finally experienced “the keys dancing before my eyes”. I heard/read that it happens, but had never experienced it before now, now when I decided that I would write a post. I stared at the keyboard and words floated around in my head. Letters began to form words and then sentences.
“Should I write what I am actually thinking about?”(The “me” that wants to be a famous writer/ blogger)
“No!” (The scared, shy “me” whos not so sure she wants the WORLD to know ALL.)
“But why not?”
“My thoughts at the moment are too emo!”
“But isnt that what most people like to read?”
“Maybe, but…”
“Im not sure Im ready for this”
“You have to be ready some day, so nows the best time.”
“Maybe next year, when Im more used to things the way they are and more capable of handling sympathy”
“I handle sympathy perfectly well! I smile.”
“And change the topic? That’s not handling it well. That’s escaping. Why cant I say all those right words that come so easily to people?”
“Because they dont matter. Its better to let people know that you don’t want to talk about something than allow them to drag you down with their false pity and their Aww’s and their Poor You’s.”
“Now you sound like me!”
“I am you!”
And so it ends with the post incomplete.