Wow! While going through some old CD’s, I found one that was a backup of my old obsolete P-3. Wonder of wonders! In a hidden file that was in a folder within a folder within a folder…umm, I guess you understand how hidden it was. Well, as I was saying, I found a file that was named, “On my 29th birthday.” That roused my curiosity because I cannot remember being 29, or 28 or 27 for that matter. All I know, after my 25th birthday, is that I am a teacher. My age is of no consequence anymore. I grow no older and certainly no younger.

But I digress. Coming back to the file, it was a very short piece, possibly an introduction to something I meant to write at the time but never finished. Ah! How typical!

So, behold:


“It is ok to be lonely…it is the condition of the soul”
Barry Dickins

I think I have always been an old-young woman. (Strange this, I had meant to write ‘believe’ but it came out as ‘think’) There are people I know who are young old women-or men – or old young women. But I, I think, belong to the category of ‘old young woman’.

Anthropologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, genealogists and god knows who else, have all classified human beings based on their race, behaviour, ancestors and what not. It may be accurate and effective in their respective fields but to me people are just people in various stages of their earthly existence. Some people are born old. Remember that kindergarten playmate of yours who would not play because he was afraid he’d get his clothes dirty? That’s a sure sign of an old child.

Starting from when they’re infants up to, if they’re (un)lucky enough, infirm old age, how people act really depends upon who they are. Is your co-worker always trying to stab you in the back? Think about it, is he (or she. I’ll be using ‘he’ for obvious reasons) a young old man or an old old man or maybe an old young man!