virtual outrage

The outrage! The outrage!

“Oh how could they do this!”

“This is beyond belief.”

“I’m so mad all of you better stay away from me today.”

“What is wrong with all of you?”

We’re good at expressing outrage as we go about our daily lives. It helps us push back the depressing feeling of helplessness and ignore the nagging of our subconscious. Of course, we really are outraged.

Increasing corruption – outrage!

Moral policing – outrage!

Laws to curb our freedom – outrage!

Two children fell into a local nulla and died – outrage!

Drone attacks killed children – outrage!

Political strong-men don’t pay taxes – outrage!

You see? We tweet our outrage, Facebook it and even write blog posts about it as we cradle our hot cup of morning coffee. We’re doing everything possible to keep the evil feeling of helplessness and despair at bay.

For how long?  How long can we hide behind this virtual outrage that helps soothe our need to do something productive? When will this outrage translate into real action?