Scream: collected poems
Edited by Jewels Johnson

The general consensus in the world of publishing is that people don’t want to read poetry any more. Publishers have canonized dead poets and then laid them to rest. Gravestones adorn the shelves of every mainstream bookshop. Meanwhile, the new poets, the new voices have been stifled, reduced to a muffled cry from beyond the catacombs. They are screaming to be heard.

These poets scream in this anthology

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The Poets  

U.V. RAYTrace SheridanToni LopesTom GantSteven HandSophia ArgyrisShea GarrityShannon DunmyerScott HarrisSara Pascoe,Samantha McquillenRobert James EganRobert CappsRabab KhanPeter BudvietasPaul ComanOmotayo OlaoyeNicole Hester-FrancisNick LindeNiccole SeguraMike SnowdonMercedes DawsonMeleina Backhaus, Mea Lee ThomasLolly GLeo ChasseurLana BurkeLahana MysteriaJudy KaberJoni RamosJohn ArthurJewels JohnsonJenni MeredithJames GormleyJack ThomasIsobel EdmentHayden C. Clear,George WoodGabrielle FaustFreda VeluzEric SchwartzDee Toth-Jones,David DannovDan BeckCorey EvansColin WilliamsonColin Dardis,Cheryl MarrenBillie the KidAntonio BeadallAnnmarie O’Connor, Amanda Walczesky