She believes it was trust That brought her here. To this life of nightly horrors When the world seems to stand still And gaze at her desecration. She fell in love one day, The love when all else becomes just a chimera. They sought a world of their own, So she set off with him. He disappeared in the darkness With a bagful of riches.…


I am tired, My being, haggard, worn, needs solace. Despite the passion Of those fingers, That make every pore Sing for more, My soul cries out, Wailing Woefully, For release. I am defenceless, My body, open, Responsive, wants satiation. Despite the fervour Of your love, Which leaves me longing Craving for peace, My soul sulks away Wilting Willingly, Until freedom. By Rabab Khan

Mortal Coil

Oh, to lie beneath the stars!Permit the echoes,Silence blows my way,Soothe and calmMy inner world.Unlike the hum,From treasured dreams,Of splinters embeddedIn my soul. Oh, to lie on the clouds!Let the softness,Of non existence,Heal and mendMy worn spirit.Unlike the abrasiveSlash and cutOf taboos chafingAgainst my heart. Oh, to lie today!And be allowed to lieFor ever more.