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The Story of Six Colours

Editor’s Pick for Paper Cuts Vol 7 Winner of the Desi Writer’s Lounge Poetry Competition. The poem was originally named “White” and was edited to suit the requirements of the poetry competition. The last stanza was also edited for the same reason. White/ The Story of Six Colours My opaline life reflects All the colourful moments On a dark canvas. Remnants of cherry embraces Encrusted on my…

Education Outreach as a Weapon Against Terrorism in Pakistan

Education is often considered the yardstick of a country’s progress and is one of several indicators used to gauge a developing country’s measure of progress. However, for Pakistan, a key regional player, this is unfortunately not the case. Where industry, GDP and per capita income are often cited as indicators of growth, education is given the cold shoulder. This is an issue that Pakistan, and…

Dreams and Realities

Your silhouette,strong against the darknessof my soul,Fills my heartwith a yearningso overwhelming thatI swoon. Your breathplays with rhythmsin a symphony ofwhispers in my earreviving,reinventing,rejuvenating,my innermost secrets. Oh, the ecstasyof first love!Oh, the fervourof that first touch! Those moments,hushed in their decline,are no more. Memories,agonisingly persistent,remain.